About Casa Amelie

Casa Amelie, founded by me, Amelie, combines structure, order, and finesse with risks, imperfections, and individuality. What once started as a creative outlet away from everyday life, turned into a growing passion for sewing, crafting, and business!

With CA’s timeless designs, we avoid fleeting trends that contribute to overconsumption and fast fashion. At Casa Amelie, our mission is to provide hand-made, one-of-a-kind, quality products, which will hopefully fill your homes with joy for many years to come.

All pieces are ethically made in our Atelier in Leoben, Austria.

CA’s Core Material

After many months of research, sample testing, and negotiating, we finally found the perfect materials.

The rope is made out of 100% pure cotton and has been custom-produced for my business, giving all products enough structure so they hold their form, while also remaining soft enough for me to sew.

Leather Tag

Most of my products will have a Leather Tag as closure on the top, which elevales the design completely. For those who wish a vegan-friendly finish, please contact us!

The Leather Tags are hand made by Ximena, an amazing Artisan from back home. So if you are ever in Ecuador, make sure to visit her store ‘La Curtiembre’ in Cotacachi, also known as ‘Leather City’.

Signature A

While designing my products, I noticed some reinforcement stitches were needed in the center.

Instead of going for an x or + sign, I decided to give it a more personal touch and try an A for Amelie.

So happy that it worked! The only ‘problem’ is, no matter how exact I draw it, each A looks different, but this just gives all products a unique touch! And that is what CA is all about, so it still works :).